EuroGoTV прекращает свою работу


01.06.2015 | Admin — интернет-ресурс, созданный в 2007 году Harry Weerheijm и занимавшийся:

К сожалению, пишем в прошедшем времени: сегодня, 1 июня, проект прекратил свою работу. Аналогичных проектов такого масштаба в Европе нет.

Большое спасибо EuroGoTV и всем тем, кто на протяжении этих 8 лет над ним работал!

Текст оригинальной новости:

This is THE END… :-(

EuroGoTV will stop function on June 1 2015.

After 8 years of existence with relative a lot of success the end is abrupt.

We started just as a place where the Go-player could watch instruction videos and video reports, but soon EuroGoTV changed to a real Go-news site with live video streaming.

Our photo section grew steadily and by now we have over 50.000 original photos stored on our own server.

The over 900 videos are stored on YouTube, although we were planning to migrate them to our own server formatted to our self made video format what could be watched by every browser without any download or installation in any country. There are thousands of hours of unedited/unused video still to be processed… ( I am lazy^^).

Most of the over 2900 News articles were written by our self made Newsbot (robot/program) using our Photo Tag System.

The Newsletter was read by over 10.000 of our 17.500+ members and a news source for several other media.

Sounds great, so why do we stop?

There are several reasons… of course money is one of them. Although the cost to run EuroGoTV technically are very low, it takes more time and energy as one would think. Time I (we) cannot use to earn money with a regular job.

Our not so great relationship with the EGF is another reason, as is my disappointment that EuroGoTV was seldom used by tournament organizers as intended (as a tool to attract sponsors), but on the contrary, seen as a financial burden.

Also the fact that so few of you became a VIP-member (or made a donation -> ‘only’ 600 euro in 8 years) didn’t give me the impression our efforts were appreciated as I aspired.

I would like to say many thanks to:
Bernd Schilfert
Catalin Taranu 5p
Peter Dijkema
Olivier Dulac
my partner (and big boss^^) Judith van Dam
our VIP-members and donators

Kind regards,
Harry Weerheijm aka HW9x9

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